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Hello Comrades


I would just like to make you all aware of the new book format that we now have on our Ontario Command website regarding our Military Service Recognition Book program.


Volume #9 is currently on our website and in a new “flip book” format. We are also now working on converting all of our other book volumes 1-8 from the current PDF format to the new “flip book” format. Each of the PDF formatted volumes (1 to 8) will be removed once they are converted into the new “flip book” format.


The new format makes it much easier and faster when turning the pages of our books. To view our new flip book, just click onto our website at and on the left-hand side under Remembrance, click onto Military Service Recognition Book.


On the bottom right-hand side of this page, you will see an image of an open book with the Poppy image above it. Under this image in blue is MRSB Recent Publications (flipbook format). Click onto this and you will come to a page headed MSR Flipbooks with the cover page of our Volume 9. Click on MSRB Volume 9 at the bottom of the book to get to the flipbook. Just click on the arrow to flip pages.


Please let me know if you should encounter any problems.


Enjoy your new read.

Information was recently passed on to our Executive Director from Saskatchewan Command regarding a unique way of securing submissions for our Military Service Recognition Book Program.


A couple of years ago, they made contact with their Provincial Sports Hall of Fame who had an exhibit for the Veterans that had been inducted into their Hall of Fame. Saskatchewan Command utilized the biographies of the Veteran inductees from their Sports Hall of Fame exhibit and had them published in their MSRB. They in turn placed the logo of their Hall of Fame beside the Veterans name indicating where the submission had been obtained.


We could, and probably should, grasp hold of this opportunity and do something similar and possibly research further information regarding the Veteran through family members of the Veteran. There are several communities within our Province that have their own Sports Hall of Fame who recognize their local Sports celebrities. And of course, we have the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame which has 115 inductees. There is also Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame along with the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame as well. So, there are many avenues of opportunity where we could be obtaining additional submissions for our books.


The following link includes Veteran inductees into Canada’s Hockey Hall of Fame located in Toronto that was received from Veterans Affairs Canada. As you will note, there are 22 WW1 Veteran inductees and 8 WW11 Veteran inductees within the Province of Ontario that could be researched by the Branches involved for a submission into our book.


There is also the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame located in Toronto that has 115 inductees which I am sure some are no doubt Veterans. But as previously stated, there are many municipalities throughout Ontario who have their own Sports Hall of Fames that could be checked out with the local authorities involved with the facility.


And who knows maybe these Hall of Fames could do a “Veterans” gathering of players that served.  They might be receptive to the idea in November (of next year now of course).


Anyway Comrades, a great opportunity and just another way that Branches could research in order for us to obtain more submissions of our Ontario Veterans to be published in one of our Military Service Recognition Books.








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