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Hi Everyone: 

As we do our civic duty by staying home as much as humanly possible, there is still a need for social connections. I'm emailing you today to share some great news...

Wings of Change - Peer Support is now holding online meetings every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:30.

Wings of Change (WOC) is a mental wellness group that is a safe place for Veterans, First Responders, and those in 'at risk' occupations to share their experience, strength and support with one another. The WOC Chapters stretch all across Ontario and have now reached other provinces in Canada.

The online meetings are posted on Facebook: Wings to Change Peer Support and through their website:

If you would like to attend a meeting, send a message through their FB page, or an email through the website. A different password is provided for each meeting.

Be Kind to one another and Please Share this email.


Keep well, 


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