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Royal Canadian Legion shocked by government delay on homeless veteran motion

Ontario Command NewsLetter

2020-2021 National track and Field

This extremely important email is being bcc’d to PEC, VSS Committee, BSO/OSI President and Ontario Rep as well as the 4 Provincial Service Officers.  Zone Commanders we are asking that you forward this to every branch in your Zone with priority please.  If anyone is uncertain of verification of service for a Veteran requiring assistance please contact Provincial Headquarters and ask to speak to either Juanita Kemp, Jen Leclair or me prior to providing assistance from your Branch Poppy Funds.


Good morning Comrades, there is a civilian claiming to be a homeless veteran currently travelling in Nova Scotia and requesting assistance from Branch Poppy Funds. His name is Peter McKeown and we cannot locate a Verification of Service on this individual.


He requested funding in Kingston, Ontario recently in June and VETS Canada advised  yesterday that he was in Sydney, Cape Breton. They paid for three nights accommodation and they stopped funding when the VFS came back as Nil service. They do not know where he is now.


His DOB is 8 May 1972 and is claiming that he served in the military from 1989 to 1993, last rank MCpl. A VFS was conducted on him by both Ontario Command and VETS Canada with a nil response from Library and Archives Canada. I have also requested a VFS through the CAF last evening. No response yet.


I would alert your branches that if this individual shows up at your branch to request funding through the Poppy Fund that he provide identification to confirm his military service prior to any funding and/or grocery cards, etc disbursed.


Please advise of any contact with this individual.

From: Pam Sweeny []
Sent: January 30, 2020 9:45 AM
To: Pamela Sweeny
Subject: FW: WWII Commemorative Pin on Legion Dress


This email is being bcc’d to PEC.  Zone Commander’s please distribute to your respective branches.


Good Morning,


(This notice has been emailed to Provincial Executive Directors, Dominion Past Presidents and circulated internally at Legion House).


DEC has approved the wearing of a special pin commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII as an optional item on Legion dress, effective now until 31 Dec 20.  It will be worn on the blazer’s right lapel, with the “We Support Our Troops” pin.


Notice will be circulated in the February branch newsletter, to be emailed 10 Feb 20. 


This year, 2020, marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War (the Legion does not commemorate anniversaries of the start of wars).  It was felt that with the declining number of Second World War Veterans within our membership, and the country, this would be a special tribute by every Legionnaire to remember those who fought and fell, as well as to honour those who are still with us; We Will Remember Them.


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