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Legion Re-Affirms Policy on Placing Wreaths on Remembrance Day


OTTAWA, October 28th, 2016 – The Legion wishes to reaffirm its policy governing the placing of a wreath for Remembrance Day.

“Anyone who wishes to pay their respects to the Fallen during a Remembrance Ceremony are welcomed to do so,” says Royal Canadian Legion Dominion President, Dave Flannigan. “Placing a wreath at any commemorative event is an accepted practice that should be available to all Canadians,” adds Flannigan.

The Royal Canadian Legion follows the Ritual, Awards and Protocol Manual for conducting Remembrance Day ceremonies, which outlines the Order of Service, indicating when official wreaths and wreaths by individuals or organizations can be placed.

Although this procedure applies to the National Ceremony in Ottawa, it can be adapted to meet local Branch arrangements.  Branches organizing local ceremonies are responsible for their individual events.  However, anyone who wishes to place a wreath at a Remembrance Day Ceremony should certainly have the opportunity to do so.

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