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Good Afternoon Everyone



Another update regarding our MSRB program which concerns the number of submissions that will be published in our Volume V111 that will be published and distributed in late September or early October of this year.

Our publisher, Fenety Marketing, has just organized the advertising pages that will be published in our next book. So, this has now allowed them to determine the number of pages that will be published in Volume V111. This year, we will be publishing a total of 560 pages which is 64 more pages than last year.


This will allow for the publication of 792 Veteran submissions. And thanks to all of the efforts that were put forward by everyone during year #8 of our program, along with submissions that were being held over from year #7, we have been able to accumulate a total of 804 submissions. This means that we will have 12 submissions that will be held over and published in our next volume #10 book. This falls in line with our first come, first served established protocol for submissions


The sales department at Fenety Marketing did a fantastic job of selling advertising and receiving donations for our program during year #8 despite having to live with the various COVID-19 restrictions. Similarly, everyone at our Branches, our Zones, our Districts, our Command and staff have all done a fantastic job in promoting out program and securing Veteran submissions.


So kudos to everyone involved for a job extremely well done!


Best Regards

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