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  POSTER and/or LITERARY competition for school age children is being run by the Royal Canadian Legion.   Categories are Primary gr 1 -3

                                                       Junior    gr 4 - 6

                                                       Intermediate gr 7 -9

                                                       Senior gr 10 -12.

If you are interested in submitting an entry, contact your local Royal Canadian Legion Branch to find out their final date for accepting entries.  If that branch is not hosting the event, contact the nearest branch to you in order to submit your entry to that branch directly.

Further information and entry forms are available at: 

  The The Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Command.   Scroll down to Youth Programs to find further information and forms.


The Legions also sponsor a VIDEO competition and the grade categories are as follows.

                                       Junior  gr 4 -6

                                       Intermediate gr 7 - 8

                                       Senior gr 9 -12

The video may be made by an individual or a group and MUST be submitted directly to the Provincial Command.   Full information for requirements and method of submitting may be found at:          THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION ONTARIO COMMAND.   Scroll down to Youth Programs and find the pertinent information.



Marie Gordon

District F Youth Education chair

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