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You may be aware of the Legion’s Operational Stress Injury (OSI) special section’s Buddy Check Coffee program – a form of peer support whereby local Veterans meet for coffee and chats (virtually or when possible, in person). This program is growing in popularity across the country but is not yet found in all regions.


A Buddy Check event related to Veterans who served in Afghanistan was held online this week, and another is planned for this weekend. There has been some media interest, and people can potentially join from anywhere. Your Branches may be contacted by Veterans or media asking about the program. If so, they can be directed to visit:


Upcoming event notice -

Buddy Check Facebook page  - peer support page -


We’d appreciate if you could share this alert with your regions as needed, so they are familiar with this program, and know where to direct people if asked.





Nujma Bond

Manager, Communications / Gestionnaire, Communications

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