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Digital Membership Card Now Available



The Dominion Command Membership Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Membership Card! A Member can now choose a traditional plastic card or a Digital Card.


The Digital Card meets the needs of Members who prefer the option to store and carry their card on their mobile device. Additionally, the Digital Card offers considerable administration savings for the Legion.





There are now two card options

  • The traditional plastic card is not being discontinued.

  • All Members now have a choice of a traditional plastic card or a Digital Card…. unfortunately, not both.


Cost savings

  • Digital Membership cards are free! There is no cost to Members or Branches.

  • Digital cards save administrative costs in production, replacement and delivery to Branches and Members.


Member technical requirements

  • A Member must have:

    1. an email address on their Membership profile (how the card is delivered)

    2. an IOS (Apple) or Android mobile device to receive a digital card (where the card is stored)

  • On IOS devices, the card is stored in Apple Wallet. On Android devices, the card is stored in Google Pay.



  • Digital cards are delivered directly to the Member by email to download to their mobile device. They are not delivered to the local Branch.

  • Digital cards are delivered within minutes of being requested. Unlike the traditional plastic card, there is no 4–6-week delivery timeframe.


How can a Member request a Digital Card?

  • Active Members can select a Digital Card through their Member profiles within the Member Services Website.

  • Renewing Members can request a Digital Card during their online renewal process.

  • New Members joining online will default to receiving a Digital Card during the enrollment process. They can also opt for a traditional plastic card during the process.

  • Members can contact Dominion Membership directly to request the Digital Card.

How can a Branch request a Digital Card?

  • Branches can request a Digital Card for a Member via the Member’s profiles within the Member Services Website under Additional Information.

  • Branches can request Digital Cards via the Data Change Form within the Member Services Website.


Card renewal and prepaid Membership years

  • If a Member has opted for a Digital Card, then upon renewal they will be sent a new Digital Card via email with the updated renewal year to download to their mobile device.

  • If a Member has selected a Digital Card and pre-pays for multiple years, their Digital Card will display the maximum membership year paid.


Branch notification of card selection

  • The Processing Transmittal Form, the individual Member profile, and the Branch Membership Register will all indicate if the Member has opted in for a Digital Card.



The Digital Card is the next step in the evolution of modernizing the membership experience and was designed to expedite the membership process for joining and renewing online while offering a highly efficient, cost-effective alternative to our traditional plastic card.


Have Questions?

Please contact: Member Services


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