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Lynn Deering

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Comrades: I would like you to push the donations to the Ruck 2 Remember to be held at Branch 606 Pickering this year.

To date donations are slow to come in and if your Branch is donating and have sent it in it is greatly appreciated however if you wish to present your cheque at the Poppy seminar, we are more than glad to accept it and see that Ontario Headquarters gets it.

I am fully aware some Branches have more than others in their accounts and I am not asking those Branches to drain their account but if they could donate even $100.00 that would be great. We do have Branches with considerable amounts in their accounts as stated many times at the end of February there was in excess of $800,000.00 not including investments in this District.

I am putting out a challenge to those Branches who do have large accounts to match Branches 67 Lindsay and Branch 322 Ajax who have contributed $10,000.00 to this event and it is greatly appreciated. If you cannot match it, please donate what you can.

Dave and myself, Zone Commanders Judy Heasman and Linda Battams will be there to meet Lino and his team and we will do a cheque presentation then once we tally all the donations. It is my understanding that Provincial President Garry Pond and possibly 1st Vice Derek Moore will also be there. ANYONE WO WISHES TO ATTEND IT IS MORE THAN WELCOME. I WILL SEND OUT DETAILS REGARDING THE ROUTE AND TIME SOON.

Comrades I realize that you have received emails regarding this more than once however the Homeless program is very dear to me and all members of our District and as this is our first time being involved, I really want our District to shine more than it already does. Let's be the great District we are and contribute to this program that has assisted 950 Veterans to date, 97 females in 187 towns. In speaking with Jen LeClair yesterday she advised me that each apartment kit alone handed out costs $2,500.00.




Lynn Deering

District Commander

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